Bro what the freak man

I dunno man. I was gaming on robolox for the first time in 4 years, I join this game, and I was just chillin, till I met this dude named IAmActuallyBernard. He was a cool dude, I vibed with him pretty well. We decided to explore the game together, then I told him I got banned 1 time for telling someone their gay and weird when they were down low doing some weird voodoo stuff to my jugular. Then after I tell him that, THIS BULL HAPPENS

What do i do man. Im dead

It’s just one day ban

It’s roblox, what do you expect? They have the most annoying reasons for getting banned.

I got banned for a year for saying “guys” which was somehow discriminatory… and for also saying weird (this was in July)
I never tried appealing… I could

I have 3 accounts that I still play on

I dont even think they try to figure out why they reported you. If they say something like, “THEY HURTEDED MY FEELWINGS” Then they’re like, “PERMANENT BAN”. Like bro, chillllllllll. They’re always ruining my wickity wack vibes yo. (I aint a gangster, it’s just what my brother used to say all the time before moving out of the house… And never seeing him again… Like my dad…)

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dam you should appeal also trying not to say it

Alright anime weeb.

Ok bud. We get you’ve got a brain.

Not really fond of anime, some anime are very very well animated but sometimes they are not. I personally read the comic version and I don’t really read manga very often.
So you should stop ok? :slightly_smiling_face: That’s not really “sigma” or whatever you delusion yourself to be.

whats sigma?

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Delusion? Seriously? Ask anybody on this forum how sigma I am out of 10, and I’m sure you’d find the results oddly in my favor.

Bro turned 1 day ban into sigma skibidi chad argument

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Penguin started it by mocking me. I take insults very seriously.

The answer is 0 out of 10


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