Bullying tpglitch for a good reason

Context he told me to kill myself and im not taking that level of disrespect so i had to annoy him as much as humanly possible had to stand on bidness fr fr

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you should’ve just hit him with the 192.58.567.70

You should have told the mods
just asking did tpglitch say to “kys” or “kill yourself” because kys means “keep yourself safe” it’s a common miscompsetion

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This is why we need skull reaction

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@moderators close and unlist?

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no he said kil yourself not kys or keep yourself safe and i did and nothings happened so far

oh @slapadabass?

about title other then nuking stealing and breaking the muiltverse yeah sure buddy.

bro that has nothing to do with whats happening

Thank you for bringing this to our attention I recommend just messaging mods for things such as these next time this topic seems to be fine at the time and not out of control so I shall leave open

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