Butterfly skin

This took me four days, hope you like it!


Yeesh, what drawing software are you using?

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Oh of course lol

I said that in previous posts.


It could be just me, but I think it’s kinda weird to see multiple butterflies in the same skin. The sword is good tho.


why would it be weird? I wanted multiple colors, and it would be nowhere close to a circle if it was one butterfly

and also butterflies come in different shapes and colors, I put that thought into this skin.

You’re right, I guess its because there aren’t that many skins that have multiple things on it.

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ty and welcome!

I like the sword, but I’m noticing a few flaws with the skin. Some of the butterflies only have one antennae, one of them have three, some aren’t really symmetrical. Maybe make those corrections and it’ll be perfect :smiley:

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I wont the the symmetrical part but I can do the others, the butterflies were hard to make

Would mind also getting rid of the random black dot in the middle? It’s fine if you can’t, it just seems a little off

where? are you talking about the pink thing? if so that is a flower

is this better


That thinh

oops, never noticed that, lol, must of accidentally pressed there. here it is fixed
@Slapadabass @Shadowblade is this better?

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Sorry for asking again, but there’s also a bunch of dots on the other wings of the butterflies(I know you said you can’t do symmetry but maybe you can just clean that up a little? Also one of them doesn’t have an antenna

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