Calculating who makes the best posts

Hello comrades of the fourm
This post made me wonder, who makes the best posts?

One metric is likes to replies and topics ratio here is the result
Who is the winner in this catagory? @bread!!!

Username Likes to replies and topics ratio
bread 2.83
gautam 2.38
dev3x 1.88
Shadowblade 1.82
Fish 1.75
ANGEL 1.66
Acol 1.58
Mitbald 1.56
Slapadabass 1.53
Hue 1.46
F1NN 1.46
_MV_UN_Faraway_Flame 1.34
Frager201 1.27
Frumpy 1.25
Harsh 1.25
ManagePasswords 1.2
cosmidragon 1.17
Wasd 1.16
twofoursixeight 1.14
Undefeated_zarooma 1.13
Hamm 1.04
ɹǝllᴉʞ 1.03
Undef_IK_glaceon8 1.01
3RG3R 1
incognitoes 0.84
NMV_PenguinLord561 0.73
_IK_Assasinator 0.69

You can see that bread gets an average of 2.83 likes per post impressive!! Where do I place? almost last place and behind incog :sob: :sob:
How about how much attention a thread gets?
Averaging the amount of views and replies a thread gets of me and incog-

penguin replies views
average 16.11 186.03
median 10 144
incog replies views
average 10.09 171.55
median 8 144

It’s close but I won for this one- this is my excuse, I make extremely prookly posts for no reason


Anyone else want me to calculate the average amount of views and replies you get?


this is interesting! if u dont mind me asking, how did you do this/figure this out?

(one correction- the reason your stats are better than mine are partly because you post less, so you have a less accurate average (among other stats)

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@3RG3R We are right next to each other, and the closest to 1!


You can go to activities, threads and paste it into a spreadsheet- than you can just let the spreadsheet do the work for you!! (using functions)

yes, but you post waaaay too much I’m still the person with the 14th most threads. I wouldn’t say my data is less accurate, threads are meant to be made if the idea is good- but it’s kinda the person’s choise to make a ton of threads with less activity or a less of threads but more activity.


thats cool, might try sometime!

well, regardless of what you think about how much i post, it still doesnt change the fact that more input (in this case, topics) makes more accurate results.

and i have more than 2x the second person on the lb, so you have a lot lot less than me.


@incognitoes intresting discovery
in the past 1 month, all of my posts had 25% more replies and views (20 replies and 219 views) meaning that I’ve been creating “better” threads
meanwhile you had no noticable difference, meaning your thread qualities hasn’t changed.

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Here is yours!!

replies views
average 20.53 253.82
median 14 180


im happy for you, meanwhile im quite happy with my stable thread quality.



shadow replies views
avg 16.20 409.29
median 14 251.5



number1 replies views
avg 16.5 225.07
median 16.5 176.5

slightly better than me


gautam replies views
avg 35.42 831.53
median 19.5 331.5

this is crazy, he has like almost the same amount of posts as incog has but 4 times of average views




Its better than I thought.


can you calculate me?

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prookl replies view
avg 7.54 219.18
median 5 93
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wow, really cool!

(one thing tho, gautam doesnt actually have “almost the same amount of posts” as me ( i have a little less than two times more, also he’s the owner so his topics are much better/popular, even though i beat him in topic count @gautam’s the real goat )

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wait really :laughing: last time I checked you just passed gautam lol

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Screenshot 2024-01-25 5.14.45 PM
:skull: :skull:

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omg since you have like 5 threads it’s so much easier!!

lewcantoucan replies views
avg 28.28 320.57
median 11 160

here ya go :grin:

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:m:e next



coolguy replies views
avg 8.75 237.48
median 4 149
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