Calling All Players ! (press this)

we have a huge teamer in our case !!!


the guy at 80K coins with no name is teaming with

rodzinbr, Jokertms, Sire Sirol, DEEZ NUTZ and the guy with Numbers as a name

and don’t say its skill issue but I cant kill them all on my own !!!

and I request at least 2 skilled Players To Assist Me In This Battle Of The Swords!

But Warning This Is the amount Of Evols They Have

  • they have 2 Warriors
  • 1 Fishermen
  • the rest are Turles And Warrior

So Please Go TO The Feild And KIll Em!!!

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Ok I will in around 30 minutes I have some irl things to finish

Coming in

you know stuff serious when the owner of the game joins

I’ll add them to the hit list

where’s the hit list?

I just made it since it feels like everyone else has one except me

Could you share it?

i dont have one

I just made it so not yet lolll

cuze u mentioned it amma make it

same here

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