Hello voters. If you vote for me I will do 3 things.

  1. I will give you a Pokémon of your choice.
  2. I will give you infinite frozen food if any kind.
  3. I will provide free air conditioning, which is vital in these summer months.

which position are you voting for?

Vice President.

Will also do a most voted reveal.

look at all those cool benefits #glaceonfor2023


Pssst, @F1NN , we need to do better.

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Wait are we allowed to make fictional promises?

sure why not

Wait… this is fake…?

uuuh idk, watch out for fake promises ig

I’ll do name reveal.

a promise is a promise

How do tou fullfill these false promises

I’ll honestly do it. If you don’t believe me, fine.

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You literally can’t promise free air conditioning when you don’t even know where I live lol

Oh, I was talking about the name reveal because you replied to that.

Oh lol srry. What ab the other one?

I will do it. (In the swordbattle universe)

Hold on i might need air conditioning in tgfblol

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how are you going to give me ac in space?