Can we get the soundtrack on platforms likes spotify?

I think it would be cool if Gautam could have songs on Spotify and the like. Not for any particular reason, I just think it’d be cool.

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i am sry but i think tht is copyrighted

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wdym? i’m saying that gautam could add this game’s (A.K.A HIS game’s) soundtrack to spotify or something

wht soundtrack tht was only for halloween

I mean he could, idk how many would wannna listen to the same melody repeated over and over again?


one word. Kahoot.

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I mean thats a kahoot, When I think of spotify I think of the gym, working etc, Im not against the idea tbh dont really care lol.


there is normal lobby music too. also, the Halloween could be a song though :thinking:

i was more saying Kahoot has their music on Spotify lol

I don’t think I can put it on spotify because I didn’t “make” it.

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