Can you beat me?



@ManagePasswords Hi! Cant catch you online : (

Rip ik. I’m busy with life.

Oh, i will be busy when the studies will start.

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@ManagePasswords Also your friend Angel said something bad about me and my friend.

we teamed

Angel may be an apponent for you since you both are the best players with the most coins. Maybe you can team together? be friends?

Bro stop playing the victim role you are killing me and all of my friends I even tried to be nice but you won’t listen


Am i victim? : ) , you said that i use my friend, this is enough to dont trust you anymore, i saw anything that you said. If you want to be in peace you can just say “I am sorry”.

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I would say sorry BUT you or your friend said something that just pulled the last string



Then after that I completely lost it

Or maybe its all your arrogance? You that cool in thas game that cant beat me in 3 leaderboards for months. Maybe you cool in real life, or you have many moneys and cuz you are so arrogance. But this dont allow you to humiliate other people, please, shut up. Tbh i dont worry about you , but dont say anything about me and my friend, you DONT KNOW me and my friend.

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If you want to prove that you are cool, achieve something in life, not in the game.

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Also remind you that i NEVER said something about myself in the game, because this is just a CASUAL game, i don’t worry about it and i can leave it easily.

Am cool to only people who treat me with respect but teez me or something else i’ll get annoyed

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Yes you can easily leave the game because you’re only leaving behind ur xp
But if I want to leave then I will be leaving my xp and my friends behind which i could never do

You said that i use my friend, but, you never hed friendship with me or my friend, you just insulted me because of cant take that i beated you again, you just INSULTED us, any excuses? Remind you that you was able to just say “I am sorry”.

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Ngl to you but i don’t mind if you beat me in xp What i do mind is hearing my friends getting killed by you

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