Can your school access your computer camera?

he’s just like that

I’m using the original link that was used before it was called forum

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no i mean what device are u using?

School chromebook

but it never got signed?

Yea, it never did get signed, and so I had lost it

so how are u using one?

i’m in high school bud, they don’t necessarily take it away

:puerto_rico: :puerto_rico: :puerto_rico: :puerto_rico: :puerto_rico: Got blocked at school

Use the skiovox exploit if you can and I’m pretty sure the school won’t see your history (idk about the camera)


because of modifications

  1. it would be more comfortable to have an expectation of privacy
  2. Prevent uneccessary risk
  3. **do you really not care if you are just having a conversation with your friends and someone is sifting through those recordings, listening to your every word, or you’re at school and someone goes through a recording of you looking at the camera for 45 minutes straight?

Yeah well the good thing is when your school ain’t smart but just use a dealing anoying ai system to auto block websites you go in based off your text and then let teaches unblock it easily and also let teacher see all your tabs and what you are on right now for your screen so uh yeah camera is not the only thing

teach it to block its self

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thats what i was thinking last year

You know If that worked I would love it

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i tried to get an amazonaws subdomain and then get lightspeed to block amazonaws, essentially blocking the block page. however, they changed so now i just need to kill the block page.

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