Cannot Pick Up Coins in

Yeah the coins just decided to do that

Description: @ShadowBobSquarepants tried to pick up the coins but it did not work. I was able to pick up coins tho


It’s part of the 2023 Summer Update.

You cannot pick up your own coins. It’s for preventing coin farmers constantly disconnecting to collect their own coins and profit.


What if:

Account A dies
Account B picks up coins
account B dies
Account A picks up coins from account B

Would that work? Would that cause issues?


yeah it’s possible but that’s

  1. too much work
  2. you will lose most of the coins in the process, because you only drop a fraction of your coins

it makes coin farming not worth it anymore basically


that’s cool! But the problem arises when you wipe the whole lobby and there’s no one else to kill. You go in different server:
A) There are some players and you kill them quickly and it’s the same empty server again.
B) There are big players teaming and they target you until you are dead.

Even if there are teamers you can kill them, but it becomes very annoying and frustrating. So, since only way to grind xp is to get kills or coins (no resetting allowed) you should increase the coin drop rate a little bit.


I see your point. I’ll do that!


To tell the truth there are other ways of doing this such as 2 people it less effective but still works loler and me just did it lol

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