certified womp womp womp moment

i got my top 2% poster taken so i gotta be more active rip

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you only need like 10 posts to get it back :skull: chill

skill issue tbh

real its just a difficulty curve

What does the curve look like

People really be battling over a badge

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nah just a friendly competition for people who are close and people who arnt (losers)

Nuh uh you all just spam post

being active= spam posting :exploding_head:

You post when you don’t need to

no one technically has a need to post

I meant, you post things that give no value

alot of people do that not just the top 10 or 2% posters

^ womp womp moment


L bozo

On other matters, skibidi rizz gyatman

he alr got it back

ye lol @Wasd or @Slapadabass close topic i got top 2% back

Yes sir