This is a song abt chicken…


Chicken is good, chicken be bussin. It be bussin,bussin,bussin, finger lick all day every day (ayo-) so ima eat that chicken (paus-) so get ur kfc and start finger lickin. Im smellin chicken nuggets, they so good one day i would he whole chicken. This is why i love chicken

Why do i do this to myself-

best song ever

Thx man i should be signed

absolutely incredible

I like chicken

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I love how the emoji for chicken is not a whole chicken, but a chicken head staring into your soul.

It wasn’t staring into my soul before but now I can’t un see it

“How many chickens have you consumed this past year?”

:shoot: actually no I think this is more threatening :plate_with_cutlery:

Please use the correct category from now on (you picked swordbattle)


Very chicken.

very Ethan chicken

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