Clans system!

idea to solve this:
we make a cool skin pretty expensive but affordable.
then people would buy that and hwve no money for clans

I don’t think this would be a problem because then the community would have more diversity. Also huge clans of non-forum people would clan and we would have some competition

Also @gautam when is soon? 1-2 weeks?

This is what I’m referring too
Penguin has enough
I have enough
Angel has enough? Maybe shad too

I only have 300k gems (main) and 200k gems (alt) D: so sadge

O If you grind a ton no only have that much maybe it should be like 50k eek

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Maybe there are clan hierarchies level 1 costs 10k gems level 2 is 100k etc

What would the hierarchy do? Also it would be nice if a clan could have a logo, background and a short description lol. Sorta like a forum acc when you click on it

that will be pain to mod

There would be a paywall through gems so if it is bad the clan can be deleted and boom they lose gems and learn a lesson

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i dont :sob:

100k or 200k or 250k

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