Clients. (HELP NEEDED)

(note: this is going to be a pretty long post)


So…this is actually an idea I’ve had for a while - actually ever since I even discovered I’ve wanted it to be added! I’m only mentioning this now because the v2 release is coming ever closer, so I think this would be a good time to mention it before v2 comes out so devs/mods can have a little time to consider my idea. So…my idea is to have clients. (save your questions for the end, I will explain things below)

What clients are.

Now, when I say my idea is to have clients, I mean utility clients, not hack clients, or anything else. But what even are utility clients? Well, according to Google, clients mean this:

The game client represents the software, hardware device, or both, that the player uses for playing a game. The game client provides the software for translating the player’s inputs into messages that are sent to a server for processing.

But I am not talking about that type of client. I am talking about this type of client:

An all-in-one, PvP optimized client for {insert game here} and It is designed for the players to have a better experience when playing on {insert game here}. The {client name} client includes multiple mods (modifications), fps boosts, and more.

So what I’m basically saying is these supposed clients could boost player’s gameplay experience. Now, for the next couple sections, let’s assume that clients have, in fact, been added into v2

How to get a client.

To get a client, you have to go to a special section in shop that has the client(s). It would probably be called “Clients”, and in it would be the client(s). To actually get a client, you would have to buy it with gems.

However, since clients are really useful and do a lot of things, client’s will be pretty expensive.

Appearance of a client.

And since clients would be expensive, a lot of new/improved features would be included inside them, such as the appearance of with a client equipped. I think that there will be multiple clients with the same mods, just with different fonts/menu appearances…anyways:

Clients will, as I said above, change the appearance of, from the menu to even some parts of in-game gameplay. This could be anything to the main menu’s appearance to individual buttons or preferences for how things in-game look. Some things that would have a changed look would be the main menu of, textures of buttons, font changes, as well as the evolution buttons, and maybe even an in-game pause screen/settings could be implemented to configure client settings.

Mods (modifications) that would be added.

This is an important section, and, thus, a long one, for good reason! Mods, or, modifications, are basically things that are added to change - to modify - the in-game experience. So here is a list of some mods I have compiled - some of them have a little explanation next to them:

  • Block outline (simplifies textures to a single color with a darker outline for the edges)
  • Color saturation (saturates colors)
  • Combo counter (counts how many consecutive hits on a player/bot)
  • CPS (counts your clicks per second)
  • Fog customiser (makes it so you can add fog at the edges of your screen, enables you to adjust amount and other settings)
  • FPS (counts your frames per second)
  • Hitbox (makes hitboxes visible using a colored outline that users can change the color to, eg, white, red, blue, chroma)
  • Hit color (adds hit colors that colors the bot/player a specified color when hit)
  • Key strokes (shows keystrokes on screen, can be switched between arrow keys and/or wasd)
  • Reach display (someone would have to add a system of numbers for how close your opponent and you are when you hit them)
  • Menu Blur (causes a slight blur to happen while menu is scrolling up or down)

(I will definitely add more later on)

How the client could be made.

Now, I myself are no expert in code. However, I know some of you here reading this are. If, in fact, by some miracle, gautam or someone else approves this for a future update, despite how happy I will be, the client idea won’t code itself! I need people to help me if that’s the case… if this does happen, then I will need some people willing to code the client…I will give whoever does help free clients and maybe something else later, as I can be no help with the code as I will just mess it up haha…


I would appreciate any thoughts you have about my idea, positive or negative…also if I missed something just let me know and I will edit it into this post. Also, if you would be willing to help if this was approved you can comment below, or, if this will happen, you can just comment in the future post of mine I will make as an announcement that my client idea will be added.


Cool Idea, my only question is how much would they cost


Also it does not seem like an idea that guatum would add to V2 unless very high demand


I would say 5 million - it’s not too expensive but it’s expensive enough for it to be a goal to look forward to.

5 million In todays coins or in V2 gems?

…todays coins

in v2 gem it would cost 5,000 gems I believe.

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one sec imma make another post lol ittl be short tho

done heh

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