comprehensive list of developers


Key: (As of March 2024)

:green_circle: (Develops regularly)

:yellow_circle: (Develops occasionally)

:red_circle: (Develops rarely)

:white_circle: (Quit developing / Didn’t do nothin)


Main developers:

Future :red_circle: (Mostly everything)

Other developers:

Crab cakes :red_circle: / :white_circle: (Code maintenance, graphics but only does graphics now)

Neil/dormantspeed/NY :white_circle:

Quacko :white_circle: (I think he had code access at one point)

Damn this is depressing


erth2 needs more devs, future can’t solo every update

Fr but finding people is really hard more likely that not

Good point.

i have the source code

Inspect element + ctrl c client files


You can get the code easily but understanding it, knowing what to edit and actually updating the website makes up 99% of it was just a hobby for future but when it got good he got bad

well these two were unnecessary xDD