Creating group chats

we should have the ability to make a group chat in the “chat” page

am i wrong?

Uh… you do…

You gotta type multiple people in in order to do it


When you make a personal chat, it will give you an option to add multiple people, then you do that

i dont have that option

Might be a trust level thing, in that case. (Or do you mean you can’t pm?)

i have a member trus level

there are no devs its f*cking discourse if you want a feature you have to program it yourself

nd idk pm mean

you need tl4


Do you know why someone might not be able to pm

Cause gautam disabled it for mods only

Oh shoot, you do?
That’s why then
(Tl4 means trust level 4, aka leader)

ye its either tl4 or mod i cant remeber

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how i gain tl exp?

tl4 takes 6 months of constant activity and then gautam gives it to you

welp nvm lmao

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