...custom skin idea

hey, soo i have an idea for making a custom skin…

my basic idea for it would be an incognito person (hence my name)

these are my ideas:

Price: 120000
Desc: idk lol

pls give ideas pls pls

You in top 10 yet?
If not I can’t make a skin… but I CAN give you idead

Unfortunately, u can’t have ur own skin until you are at top 10 in the world.

I mean incognito isn’t really too specific right? Sort of like sea

eh, yeh sorta…

no, i just want ideas :slight_smile:

for eventually making a skin. it wont be immidiately or anytime soon. ill be leaving for the summer soon in a day soits not like id have any time to work on it anyways lol

@Wasd true but like i had this idea of like a mysterious figure in maybe like a suit/cloak?? idk but ya it is not rly specific, thats y i wanted ideas

@Slapadabass can u give me ideas on its desc just in general ??(agn, im not adding it anytimes soon)

Sure! Pm me and I’ll give you some ideas

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