:D Gautam likey????

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no gutaum hatey

-_-… thanks ur so nice

no problem

What is a “skin upgrade”

Honestly I think berserker’s speed should be nerfed instead of tank speed being buffed (maybe both?). But that’s just me.

I don’t know if a damage buff for tank is necessary, but eh, haven’t been too active.

If you’re going to be a new (and pretty active, judging from all your posts about it) dev for the game, maybe you should make posts asking for suggestions from players on the forum about balance changes.

If you’re coming up with these balance changes by yourself and solely based on your thoughts from playing, that wouldn’t be as good.

Yeah cuz tank was basically made to be slow but berserker never needed to be fast

See bruh

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berserker could be slower with trashier regen but with increased damage and health
like an actual berserker lol

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Also another thing that I would like to be fixed in an update soon is coin distributions in piles. It’s really noticiable in boss drops that it’s pretty uneven.

whenever i split
i always go to the area that has a buncha coins
its so obvious because there’s like a million coins in that one area

he combined code that was already on the github LOL

No, I didn’t. I reran the code from my development server on Replit. If you want to stop trying to put me down, let’s get something straight. Everyone has their ups and downs, and labeling someone as a failure doesn’t define them; it only shows a lack of understanding on your part. Failure is just a part of the journey to success. Focusing solely on grades is shortsighted. Academic achievements are just one aspect of a person’s abilities and potential. Countless people struggled with school but went on to do incredible things in life.

Intelligence and success come in many forms. Some people face significant challenges and still manage to thrive. They can set up their own systems, build amazing things, and yes, sometimes they can be toxic too. But remember, it’s not about those who make noise or seem perfect on the surface.

The true measure of success is resilience and heart. It’s about having the determination and spirit to keep going, no matter what life throws your way. People who possess the heart and courage of a great person are the ones who will truly make it in life. They don’t let setbacks or criticisms define them. Instead, they use them as fuel to push harder and reach higher. So, rather than tearing others down, maybe focus on building yourself up. Life is about growth, perseverance, and the strength to keep moving forward. That’s what really counts.



No way bro said “chat gpt” like nahh


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It’s not ai it’s from a website.

It’s from a website called “chatgpt.com

Who cares if chatgot made it

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