Daily rewards

I found out later it was because I was in evrey topic talking so fast XD

I love bumbs especially when there is a ton in a row

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what should the reward be?

Add a potion or something that you can inventory. The daily bonus could be say a ‘common’ potion and you start with 1000 coins?

I’m just making this up. But as the game develops, there are opportunities to tool up our characters. The daily bonus could help with propping up that development.

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didn’t gautam say he will add this when part 2 comes out?

He still should add this

like maybe 10 gems on first day second day 15 and go on by 5 but it has to be a streak so u gotta log in and u lose it if u dont log in maybe u have to play one match and on 100 day streak u get a skin

365 day streak only a lotta gems daily XD

Maybe less then like start from 1

ye I think possibly maybe some sort of Xp booster or rare reward every 7 days starit like
day1: 100 gems
day2: 125 gems
day3: 200 gems
day4: 1.2X xp boost (perks Lasts hour or day or round)
day5: 300 gems
day6: 1000 gems
day7: 1.5x xp multiplier (Perks Lasts hour or day or round)

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Nah probe start lower than 100 cus the rewards every week should be better

There also should be a rlly good reward at like 365 streak cus then people would want to play everyday

Yeah xp boost >:)/ multiplier


Ye for streaks

365 days ----> 1,000,000,000,000,000 gems and 1,000,000,000X XP multiplier


nah thats wayyy to much probs like a skin that is unique to all the other skins