Dark Knight

Ok Will dew. I’ll see it on monday

I meant I’ll dew it on monday

this skin weird

Pretty good though
I’ve seen worse

Honestly the fact that in the past we had so few skin creators that this would sometimes be classed as good was kinda sad but I do like the idea

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Please come back human, we miss you

Was this added?


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It should have been.

What it should have been is posted in Post Skins

i did somehwere 2wice


Buddy your alive?

What??? Where your necromancer


Yay you are back

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It’s weird how you were talking about how human being gone, and then the next day, human came back. Same thing happened for harsh. Maybe if we talk about dev3x, he may come back?

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Well it doesn’t hurt to try again


I’m saying you had someone bring you back from the dead lol