"Dark Side" Skin

I haven’t made a sword yet tho, I just started like 10 mins ago

I need help making it look nicer, like making the outer rim of the circle less bumpy
also i made a sword:

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Where is it?

hold up

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in ohio! :joy:


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should i name it like fade or smtn

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Cleaned It up a little

ye but now its an oval
Just tell me what to do to clean it up myslf

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Here does this look better?

A purple pumpkin?

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It would look really cool if it had clean lines. Maybe try recreating it in vectr to get those clean lines…

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Page 1

Cleaned it up a bit but im not that good at vectr soooo… :person_shrugging:


its more clean but i liked the fade of the black on the purple side
thx tho

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also i made a sword

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what do you mean

idk im bad at making skins

Sword looks sick but maybe you can remove those particles as it might mess up the hitboxes


It looks like
So maybe call it Corrupted Emoji?