(debate) comboed or combo'd?

so most of us should know what comboing means. but how do you spell when you combo someone else?

is it comboed or combo’d? or something else entirely?

tbh, i have no clue, i think the “oe” of “comboed” makes more sense but that it also makes sense to put an apostrophe…idrk though.

what do you guys think?

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Isn’t combo a noun and not a verb?

nuh uh

i dont even know loll


combo’ed maybe


wise words :saluting_face:

id say combo’d because comboed looks weird

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The past tense of “combo” can be spelled as “comboed” or “combo’d.” Both are used, and the choice between them is a matter of style. The form “combo’d” with an apostrophe is a contraction, while “comboed” is the regular past tense form. So, you can use either “comboed” or “combo’d” based on your preference or the style guide you are following.


great explanation, me personally i like combo’d.

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Google loves Io games forum!

wow thats crazy lol i never realized so many people clicked on it before

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Normally the ed would come after a consonant, no?
(Killed, stabbed, sliced)
And when there’s a vowel it would be ‘d

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