can tea be green

Can tea be green
  • yes
  • no
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It CAN be

Keyword is CAN

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ik i said it can be green not that it is :))

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tea can be blue too if i add blue food coloring

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indeed but its no natural like green tea is tho

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i love making donuts

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Green is a nice colour thoo

i made tea for you all it might give you powers

Will you drink it
  • left one
  • right one
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they both look like id implode if i drunk it lol

Bruh you don’t have to exclude types of drinks just because you don’t agree with it… tea is a broad thing maybe call the skin green tea skin?

id be fine with this too lol

also this is like saying you can be yellow if i dyed you

green tea is natural tho

tea skin should be called green tea skin and gautam is just being denial of the existance of green tea
psst solution this


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tea is brown

yes but it can be green

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download - 2024-03-15T101354.860


download (48)

that is peach tea we are taling abt green/matcha tea

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