Dedided to pop in and see what is going on (big mistake)

I’ve been away for a while, and the reason is quite personal. Sadly, my nan passed away recently, and it’s been hard for me. Some of you might know about her because i spoke about her a few times. She loved it when I read her posts while she was in the hospital. It was our thing, you know? Sitting together, laughing at the funny stuff, it meant a lot to her.

Losing her has hit me hard. She was more than just a nan she was like a best friend. The memories of our time together, especially those moments in the hospital, are some of the best ones I have.

I’m still trying to come to terms with her being gone. But I want to do something to honour her memory properly. Maybe I’ll write a longer post sharing stories about her. She deserves that much, considering how much she loved this community.


I have decided to come back i might stay in this online community because it is one of the best i know i decided to see what was going on but there were so many notifications new users old users left nobody probably knows me pls help!!!

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hey darkonight, its been a while since ive seen you.

im really sorry about your grandma, i had something like this happen to me and i promise you i know how it feels. be sure to reach out if u need any support, im here for you.

its great that your coming back and even if many dont know you, hey…make them know u!

best wishes.


I’m sorry about about your grandma, you should take all the time you need.


Spend as much time as you need away from the community!


I remember you, i am here to have fun here if you need it!!


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