i want $1,540.3 back i was scammed

You did not pay :skull:

yeah other whys i would have lost 1k

You would have lost 50K 1 coffee = 5$

it says yoiu will be charged 51k

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Hmmm I will look into it


you had interest?

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Credit card processing fee

Not sure if minehut or something like that is on bedrock but they have free server hosting, so that could save a bunch of money if it is

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I ain’t doing no free server hosting I’m hosting that sh1t myself with Docker

Since when did a Minecraft server cost 50$?

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Since inflation

pls stop scamming
Packages and Pricing - Apex Hosting (apexminecrafthosting.com)

What?! I’m not using Apex? I’m self hosting it which costs around $350/month dawg :skull:

@Darkoknight why dislike?!what am i doing wrong

jit im serious

version: '3'

    image: itzg/minecraft-bedrock-server # The server software we use
      - ./data:/data # Save data to a volume
      - 19132:19132/udp # Expose minecraft UDP port
    environment: # Configurations
      - LEVEL_NAME=anarchy
      - SERVER_NAME=tpglitch anarchy
      - EULA=TRUE # Required for server operation
      - DIFFICULTY=hard
      - MAX_PLAYERS=500
      - VIEW_DISTANCE=16
      - TICK_DISTANCE=25
    tty: true
    stdin_open: true
    restart: always

what is point you are trying to get friend flexing that you are going to spend $350 a month for them why???