Diamond miner challenge is over

No one played so no one gets 50$


:smiley: :smiley:

u should make a forum realms server on real Minecraft

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Minecraft Realms?

like an smp or smt

I hate how (even if you don’t own the server) you have to pay!! If someone else’s hosting and they are inviting… Why can’t I join!! I already paid for the game itself!! (Like $30)

You know what! I will be switching to terreria

you dont have to pay unless u have a realms supscription

?? Let me check when I get back from school…
I play it on switch and when I tried to join a realm my friend made, it showed that I have to subscribe to realms or something

I believe to play on realms you need Nintendo switch online

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Just make a mc java server

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bro, who has java mc XD


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