DN is recruiting

If you wish to join DN, please type your applications below. In your applications, We are expecting to see your username, ingame name, kills and plays count, highest level and most kills, a list of your past clans if you have been in any, and any additional info that you would like for us to know. We are looking for players with a negative KD and more than 10,000 plays. If your stats do not seem to match up with our current info, then we may ask you to provide screenshots. Also, keep in mind that we will not be accepting applications from players older than Prookl(his age is for you to determine). We also will not be accepting applications from people with STDs like AIDs and HIVs. As you know, the pride of our clan is that we shall forever remain virgins.

D!ck Nourishment is a friendly clan that strives to have the most members in the game. We like to team and build friendships, and our members are perhaps the friendliest that you’ll ever meet. So far, our members are: Dormantsped, Lazorblackoncrack, Dabz the Borderhopper, Crazy ghetto man who wont stop saying the n slur, LettuceFetish, Sellemental, and of course me, ahem the acclaimed dn fatty.

not gued enuf

not gued enuff

ill give u my acc so you can look over it to see if i quilify

cuz its blocked for me now

what are you looking for


Ye fair enough

and my erth.io account has over 400k plays (combined 2 accounts)
and 19000 kills (combined 2 accounts)
and like 35 mil stars (combined 2)

(these are the 2 accounts from erth.io, but its outdated )
realmz.io stats:

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What is this☠️


read what I wrote in the description, dodo

naught gued enuph

i dont want ur acc, just send the stats over

i dont want to join d!ck nourishment i just wanted to show my account stats

noob. ur loss ig

As a member of DN, what in the world is this. Like how are you even meant to get a negative KD? Also when did we strive to have the most members? My guy, what kinda requirements are these?

fake fake fake