DN is recruiting


is this good? or almost good enough to join?/get recruited?

oh no no no no no

fr tho
I think this is crazy, even if im not in DN

good enough?

they didnt accept any one so i dont think ur goinna get accepted either


is this good?

not really

for playing 34 days? yea it is

Its not that good at all lmao.
even for only a month this is incredibly easy.
and you said you were around during the erth2 time period, which means you have another account older than this lol

i forgot password lmaooo

you do know that this post is a joke lol

mhm i did so i stopped trying prookl told me it was a joke

Cap it is evidently not a joke

it’s impressive but DN isn’t recruiting. idk why daddy is even posting this lol

We arent but anyone worthy of these stats is definite recruit material

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can i join :heart: lmao

How do clans even work in realmz

u ask to join they test u to see if ur good enough if so they let u join or its like obs were any one can join