Do y’all play an instrument, if so what do u play.

What instrument do y’all play. I play clarinet.


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Used to play trombone, quit about 3 years ago though

Saxophone :saxophone: :saxophone: :saxophone:

I can’t sing I can sorta play piano tho


I play mayonnaise

i play thy mother

I play gaming pc

No whistling

Forgot the comma, smh

cant, not level tl2

vocal cords / mouth

i can whistle and sing lol, so p much only my voice

I can whistle better than you lol, I am the best whistler I know

I used to whistle so good but my braces get in the way now

I will do whistling sessions in the swordbattle vc if you ping me ;)
I forgot to say I play the clarinet

I play the trombone