Double Trouble -

The weather grows cold, the trees lose their leaves, and the snowdrifts pile high. But we’ve got a couple new features to spice up the winter season! The entire map has been reskinned to frosty perfection, with more surprises in store soon! Also, we’ve added the long-awaited dual-wielding feature for pistols—if one isn’t enough, grab another for twice the firepower!

Of course, we’ve made a few changes and fixes, including a circular action timer, reworked airdrops, and a larger map grid. Go warm yourself up with a toasty chicken dinner!


Is this for a new update?

How rude!

Quite the opposite - remind me what game you play that had video ads on it until our dev team suggested that Gautam run banner ads instead. (For context Suroi runs no ads at all)

Remind me what game actually has a consistent art style. Or an actually playable mobile experience. Or better performance. Or deep lore.

Even making a 2D game from scratch takes a ton of effort, even if it just looks like 2D circles. I myself was humbled by how much effort it’s taken to get this far. Before you criticize you should remember that.

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that’s what I am saying

wait for v2, we’re working on all of these :fire:

I’m mobile and prefer swordbattle mobile tbh I find it hard to shoot another battle royale is and I find it easier to play dunno why just do