Dream skin (not minecraft)

Desc: Dream your enemies away?
Price 400k 500k

first one

2nd one

3rd one

might need a new sword prob And witch one should I use?

what is better
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
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Thank to frumpy for the sword but I think imma change it

It’s probably best to not include words on a skin? Also be sure to credit frumpy on the post.


wdym he made the sword for me?

Yeah, but you should still give credit by including the name of the artist. At the very least giving them acknowledgement and thanks.



I think I’ma change the sword and what do you @Shadowblade and @uri
think about number 2

2 at the time see if you can improve it in any way

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I don’t really like it, as I don’t think skins should have faces. If I had to choose between the 3, I would probably say 2.

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