Empty health bar glitch

Uhh this is weird

yeah wht is this glitch



He said he thinks it’s been fixed, in swordbattle chat? Is it still going on rn?

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which server

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Its not fully fixed yet I just realized, But Im working on a fix ping me immediately if it happenes again


Also in other server

HELP! It’s the APOCALYPSE! :man_zombie:

I think I’m understanding it. When you spawn in, your health is normal. It doesn’t happen when a zombie hits you. It happens when you hit a zombie.


Wut do u think about te glitch with infinate health? And how did it happen?

I think this is the fourth topic on this matter already lol. We try to avoid duplicate topics.

screw you @ManagePasswords

it took me 2 hrs to realize you broke the whole damage system with thischange

why do you do this to me


pushing fix rn… edit: pushed initial fix.



I cannot die literally everyone invincible usa1

I’m in the apocalypse for all eternity

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I pushed an initial fix to this, pls let me know if this issue arises again.

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