Epic sneak peek!??!?

I don’t see how this is epic.

U have no rights

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There are only two new classes.

downgraded sniper

diep class tree

gun resprites :fire:

Just like diep.io! But with colour blending which I like alot tbh


umm there are no new classes

it’s just that all of the classes that were originally simple shapes are now have better sprites

also this is extremely helpful cuz you can see all of the classes

aura shield and giant look weird

also pls add mana flail and flame monk back

idk what icon to make for the giant lol
also ill try

Never mind. There is only one new class.



(There is going to be a new class though and im probably gonna main it)

I’ve only seen you once in game and that was when the game was called erth2. I remember you were using that one halloween skin and mana flail.

i play with different names so nobody knows when i actually play

btw is this the new weapon selection menu?

no it sorta goes along with it tho

a boot with spikes at the bottom or something

why is the player inside the giant