Which Show Did You Like Better
  • Max Steel
  • Ben 10
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I’m banning anyone who doesn’t say been 10

uh oh

(I wasn’t allowed to watch ben 10)

What even is max steel

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An amazing show!

The new ben 10 sucks

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idk what either one is :person_shrugging:

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For people who don’t know what those are.

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Idk both shows.

OG ben 10 was GOATED :fire:
new ben10 is :face_vomiting:


i like the new ben 10

Yesss sir

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Personally I never really watched any of em mom didn’t care for those shows but I caught glimps of a episode before they also where never on

no one asked your opinion

For people who hate Star Wars and dont know:

  • Kirby fighters deluxe
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Wth are those

I hate both of these LOL

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nobody asked if u cared

I too, love star trek