Favorite Musical Artist!

Tell us your favorite Musical Artist:
If they are more unknown drop a link to their Spotify or Youtube

  • Taylor Swift
  • The Weekend
  • Imagine Dragons
  • Maroon 5
  • Swordbattle Lobby OST
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Mine is BoyWithUke & Maroon 5

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Why is there no swordbattle lobby ost option?

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ew to whoever wrote Taylor :face_vomiting:

ill add it

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I added @Hue

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Ajr,one republic,bastille, imagin dragons, maroon 5,panic at the disco,Alec Benjamin, American author’s, Raynes,fin,the score, arrested youth, morningsiders,young rising sons, truslow, and so on I like a lot of artist can’t really chose one

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If you don’t k ow any I’ll throw in one of there songs that I deem nice sounding

I like Bastille, panic, Alec, Republic



New order, Franz List, Hans Zimmerman
And a lot more that I will not mention to spare you


None of these are good-…

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ik, i just put like 1# on spotify chharts


Boywithuke :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: rod wave is good too

U need this… https://youtu.be/jOysQEk1hyc?si=nemf8s7igHEpMtc5

none of these, mine is probably tobu, if not LFZ

Vinewood Boulevard Radio ahh

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These guys seem pretty cool

yeat goated frfr

I love Yorushika so much