finish the song with your own {CONTROVERTIAL/DEEP} lyrics!

(this is gonna be fun lol)

what to do: continue the song with a line (or lines) of you own, make sure to make it very controversial/deep! (mostly deep but isnt everything deep controvertiol?) (try to come up with it yourself)

rules: your could be about anything, everything, whatever you guys want along the guidelines. remember to keep it appropriate and respectful! one-three line per comment, and you must wait until another person comments to contribute a line.

i’ll start (this is deliberately ambiguous and reflects me entirely wherever u look lol).

to the sorrow burning, its only fair to include the shadows in the corner; the world only listens when you try as hard as they need you not to.


mariana trench (Idk about you but I think its pretty deep)

through the marina trench something stays, because


I am down there


, or in your moms bedroom
(I sincerely appologize)

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@incognitoes You made me do this ok?
Yorushika Hitchcock


“Ame no nioi ni natsukashiku naru no wa nande na n’deshou ka.
Natsu ga chikadzuku to mune ga zawameku no wa nande na n’deshou ka.
Hito ni warawaretara namida ga deru no wa nande na n’deshou ka.
Soredemo itsuka mukuwareru kara to omoeba ii n’deshou ka.”

“Why does the scent of the rain make me feel nostalgic?
Why does my heart clamor as summer approaches?
Why do I cry when people laugh at me?
Is it all right to think that even so I’ll be rewarded someday?”

sayonara tte kotoba de konna ni mune o saite
ima mo tatta suushun no yuuyake ni ashi ga tomatte ita

With the word “goodbye” tearing so much at my chest,
I was standing still for just a few moments at sunset

“Sensei, jinsei soudan desu.
Kono saki dou nara raku desu ka.
Sonna no daremo wakari wa shinai yo nante iwaremasu ka.
Hora, kurushisa nante hoshii wake nai.
Nani mo shinaide ikite itai.
Aozora dake ga mitai no wa wagamama desu ka.”

“Teacher, I want to talk about my life.
What should I do from now on?
Are you just going to tell me ‘no one knows that’ or something?
Look, it’s not that I want to suffer.
I just want to live without doing anything.
Is it selfish to just want to look at the blue sky?”

“Mune ga itande mo uso ga tsukeru no wa nande na n’deshou ka.
Warui hito bakari ga toku o shite’ru no wa nande na n’deshou ka.
Shiawase no moji ga okane o fukumu no wa nande na n’deshou ka.
Hitotsu sen o nukeba tsurasa ni naru no wa waza to na n’deshou ka.”

“Why do I lie even though it makes my heart ache?
Why do only bad people prosper?
Why is it that the character for ‘happiness’ includes the ¥ sign?
Is it on purpose that leaving out a single stroke turns it into the character for ‘pain’?”

seishun tte nefuda ga senaka ni hararete ite
HICCHIKOKKU mitai na SASUPENSU o dokoka kitai shite ita

With a price sticker saying “youth” stuck to my back
I was hoping in some way for Hitchcock-like suspense

“Sensei, dou demo ii n’desu yo.
Ikite’ru dake de itai n’desu yo.
NIICHE mo FUROITO mo kono ana no umekata wa kakanai n’da.

“Teacher, I don’t care.
Just going on living causes me pain.
Neither Nietzche nor Freud wrote about how to fill this hole.

Tada natsu no nioi ni me o tsumutte,
kumo no takasa o yubi de kakou.
Omoide dake ga mitai no wa wagamama desu ka.”

I just want to close my eyes in the scent of summer,
And sketch out the height of the clouds with my fingers.
Is it selfish to just want to relive memories?”

“DORAMACHIKKU ni hito ga shinu SUTORII tte ureru ja nai desu ka.
Hana no chirigiwa ni sura ne ga tsuku no mo iya ni narimashita.

“A story where people die dramatically will sell, won’t it?
I’ve come to hate that even the moment that a flower’s petals fall has a price on it.

Sensei no yume wa nan datta n’desu ka.
Otona ni naru to wasurechau mono nan desu ka.”

What was your dream, Teacher?
Did you forget it when you became an adult?”

“Sensei, jinsei soudan desu.
Kono saki dou nara raku desu ka.
Namida ga hito o tsuyoku suru nante zenbu kiben deshita.

“Teacher, I want to talk about my life.
What should I do from now on?
‘Tears make people stronger’ was nothing but sophism.

Aa, kono saki dou demo ii wake nakute, genjitsu dake ga chiratsuite,
natsu ga tookute.

Yes, it’s not that I don’t care what happens to me, it’s just that reality is flickering,
And summer is far away.

Kore demo hontou ni ii n’desu ka.
Kono mama ikite mo ii n’desu ka.
Sonna no kimi ni shika wakaranai yo nante iwaremasu ka.

Is this really all right?
Can I go on living like this?
Are you just going to tell me ‘only you can answer that’ or something?

tada natsu no nioi ni me o tsumuritai.
Itsumademo kaze ni fukaretai.
Aozora dake ga mitai no wa wagamama desu ka.”

I just want to close my eyes in the scent of summer.
I want to feel the wind always.
Is it selfish to just want to look at the blue sky?”

anata dake o shiritai no wa wagamama desu ka

Is it selfish if I just want to know you?

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what do you think? :grin: I can analyse it for you

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@incxgnitos I meant @incognitoes

Really relatable but I don’t know if it is because of this song or if I felt this before I started listening to Yorushika

Same thing you’re asking eh?

The way suis sings this :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand:

Isn’t this what you’ve been asking?


:augh: No suspense in youth so far


I love this part :sob:

Man, suis is a great singer


This is me when I had my existential crisis a pretty long while back

You asked me this yesterday xDD

my answer to those questions

I love this

unrelatable but I hope I can understand this one day

No, I’m not depressed


I have a salad that is fully dressed. :fire: :speaking_head: :bangbang: :fire:

Bro is speaking fax :speaking_head::speaking_head::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

Ima get you with that fanum tax! :speaking_head: :bangbang: :fire: :fire: :fire:

ima be real for a sec, I would learn Japanese but I’m lazy and supposedly it’s difficult


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