First DN Member (Before REALMZ)

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nah i don’t think so

what do u mean bro?

ur not the first dn member

how tf would you know

isn’t it obv ur not the owner of dn :skull: :skull: :skull:

yes, you are the owner, Minion!

Quacko is the owner

nah i too weak for dn

I never said I was… that photo is from 04/2022 when was still alive. DN clan was just my brother (Dorm) and me. I don’t know how you think you know everything about DN when you’re not even in the clan numbskull.

u said first dn member with a screenshot of u in the game. -_-
if not why tf did u take a pic of ur gameplay
not a numbskull and i watched and i also was in that game just an guest acc
i know im not an idiot :cry:

Grammar is important

important for emails :skull:

No one even understands what you’re saying, bud

do yall all have dyslexia then?

“yall all”


even a first grader can fix this typo

first grader doesn’t even know the word “yall”

ok, bud