Fisherman needs a nerf

So I playerd swordbattle for the first time in a long time and I realized something: Fisherman needs a nerf. Here are my proposed changes:

Less damage
Cant pull someone that’s using ability
Does not heal while using super


fr fr?

I don’t think gautam will change anything rn before v2, but yea it does

Yeah im going to be adressing this in v2

I feel like ability time still needs to be cut a little. Maybe cooldown increased to 60 seconds. I’m alright with the healing, but maybe it can be slowed.

Hasn’t it been nerfed once already?

It has

I thought it was enough but idk

In hindsight, reducing the ability time by 1 second was dumb. Maybe 6 or even 5 seconds would be good.

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:shrimp: is the way

Can do a minor balance if its necessary. So reduced heal and cooldown increased to 60?

That is actually a good idea

I’d say fisherman doesn’t really need to be nerfed that much. With warrior abil, you can kill any fisherman even with the healing they have if they use their own abil. If anything archergod needs a nerf, but thats a whole other story that I don’t wanna talk about

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Nah Nah Archer V2 Needs a Nerf :skull:

  • Less Damage
  • More Time To Be Able To Throw Sword again
  • Less Speed

It should get a nerf, but not by that much.

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