Forum chat not refreshing

I know there’s this bug when a lot of people are on the chat that sometimes it doesn’t refresh in real time and people have to reload. I asked the Discourse devs about this and this is what they said:

To open your devtools, press CMD+SHIFT+I and go to the Networks tab in top right. Note: you can’t access the devtools on touchscreen based devices or school locked chromebooks (well it’s possible, just too hard for the sake of covering it here).

If someone is able to take a screenshot of their browser tab when this happens, that will be much appreciated and would help resolve this issue. I will be on the lookout too. Please post it here.



I don’t even know if this helps or not? Hope it does, lemme know if there’s something you want me to focus on. I think chat wasn’t refreshing, it only updated after I sent a message


Thanks a lot!!

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