Forum Pokemon Playthrough- Penguin (Hardcore :Sob:)

Yeah, it’s a1% chance somehwhere in between th game (unlike those losers that chose legendaries)
I might run out of pokemon if half the people choose post game to Pokémon

WHY IS HE ALWAYS 1%!? Is he that good?

It’s fine, only takes a solid 15 minutes of 3 times speed gameplay


What are the odds for zorua in the safari zone? I assume it’s fairly rare since it’s a sudo legendary

Zorua is not a pseudo legendary

evolves into zoroark which is, so close enough

zoroark is also not a pseudo legendary

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you literally told me it was a pseudo legendary and that was why you were surprised i chose it. although just googled it and it technically isnt

Wait penguin, if you’re not doing Zacian for your run, what Pokemon should I catch for you? Also a Galarian Ponyta?

you choose

Are you still doing this?

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I don’t know how I found this

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