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A classmate and I talked about this in English today.

If you could bend one of the elements (like in Avatar: The Last Airbender, goated show that you all should watch), which one would it be?

  • Water💧
  • Earth :rock:
  • Fire :fire:
  • Air :leaves:
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I’d personally go with waterbending. Having the power to heal others would be incredible.


Does water mean any liquid? If it does then I can use their blood >:)

Earth is superior and no one can tell me otherwise

Bloodbending was actually a thing in Avatar: The Last Airbender

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never watched avatar
I’m going to assume this will be used for killing.
Water - if I can control everything about it and other liquids then this would be quite op. Yeah sure I’ll just make your blood hotter than the sun, and make it shoot out of ur body at 696969 psi. How about I snipe you with a modified watergun, or some tasty acid!

Fire - Same as how fire works already, we can already control it enough, so I guess if I could turn it into a plasma sword that would be good, but nowhere near as useful as the others.

Earth - You could do a lot with this, but it’d be pretty generic if you could just lift up some dirt and harden it.

Air - I assume this means all gases, and not just oxygen or like wind since thats pretty trash, Hydrogen Sulphide!!! I CHOOSE YOU, congratulations you are now dead, enemy. And I could also suffocate you.

never watched Avatar
Prob never gonna watch Avatar

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Nahhhh you can bend Lava too

I love the Earth.

I am going earth sense mettle bending can be taught and if I’m lucky I could lava bend to

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If air means all types of gas then doesn’t that mean it negates all the other elements? Since fire needs oxygen to burn. Water probably has air pockets in it. Earth is just a tad bit slow.

Remobe pollution with air

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i never watched avatar so im basing this off of pokemon (its the next closest thing)

Anyways I always pick water starters…
Team Water!

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