Hi! So, Ive been talking about a big project for some time (makes sense if you don’t know about it, I haven’t said that much about it for some time) and I decided to announce it here.
I am making a COMPLETE forum timeline, and I will try to include as much history as I can into it.
There will be 10-15 parts in all, depending on how things go.
It will be story based, as too not make things too messy, and I will try to cover as much as I can, without making things boring.
As for a release date… I don’t know. I honestly don’t. I have a horrible motivation problem that has gotten way worse recently (as why ive haven’t been as active as much) which is why I can’t guarantee I will ever finish this. Which is why… Im going to open this as a collab! I will still be doing all writing, but I need YOU to do research, planning, and even some writing, (especially the parts before Nov 10, I have like no drafts on them already. I also need people to interview, so if you can, that would be great

Sure, ill help!
  • Yes!
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Anyway, that’s all. Goodbye.

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I can definitely do around october 2022, I’ve been active for 3 months since october of this year and yet I still had more activity from that one month last year than the 3 months now

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I can cover pretty much all of last winter

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Also quick stuff

  • The timeline should be divided into swordbattle and post-swordbattle since the forum used to be exclusive to and only used to be swordbattle (excluding off-topic but I don’t think much came from it before
  • I don’t rly think the 10-15 parts thing should be like that, there should be a part for each month but maybe put may and june into one, also if you do that update the timeline every month with new stuff kinda like iogames weekly
  • I kinda see why you’d want to do the story based thing, but I personally can’t do much more than be analytical so I’ll prob just have to give the info for you to make into the story
  • Release date doesn’t really matter, and there will prob be a lot of ppl so even if some help less than others it should still be a quick-progressing project
  • Interviewing is ez unless the person gettin interviewed isn’t active

Alr I just figured out off-topic didn’t even exist until mid-october 2022 so yea that one part in that post stands even more

No, they will both be lumped together. Post-swordbattle just hasn’t had enough time for it too become important. Maybe next year though.

  1. I will not be doing every month, because of the summer. Plus months themselves are kinda annoying, for when i want to get a plot done, for example.
  2. I will be updating. Prob not every month though.

I hope so, but it’s easier said than done, especially with the winter holidays/exams. I do see the project getting done around January.

It’s not what the interview is, but who is the main problem. But, yeah. I don’t see that much of a problem with this.

Thanks, for the questions, let me know if I cleared things up!

Yeah, sign ups for helpers will end on Wednesday.

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