Forum User Superlatives (Part #2: Voting)

hell a lol




Rigged and incorrect vote, potatolord is an inbred failed abortion that does nothing but lurk in sewers all day and occasionally spew unknown substances of olive oil, dead skin cells, camel vomit, and asparagus on the forum, whilst prookl is a mysterious unknown entity that has given many gifts to the forum in different ways with the Chapter series and others.

Killen literally is a killer; just replace the L with R; 3rg3r is definitely going to die first.

I agree with this doomslayer and firepup one. A doomslayer is constantly killing demons, so it’s likely they would be online at 3 a.m.

most interesting is an oddity.

Hacking government files It’s not going to be some kid in CSGO who downloaded a hack client; it’ll be some Chinese kid like a penguin who’s curious and wants to see what the US is up to.

The most creative is correct.

The best sense of humor is an oddity.

Most likely to slip on a banana peel could be 3rg3r, since the horror movie antagonist could have laid down a trap, or slapadabass, doing a creative stunt. Either way, it’s not going to be Limm. (I imagine he eats limbs.)

what do you mean it’s an oddity??

No-Vote Ballot

No one else was nominated for it

ah ok

CSGO has actually hacked the forum before lol