free miguel

THIS AINT MY STORY ITS MY FRIENDS IM JUST POSTING HERE TO SPREAD THE MIGUEL SUPPORT. Miguel is a kid in our school and he got into a fist fight. He got into a fist fight because a kid named Niko T. (you will understand why I included the t later). He got in the fight because his team won 13-3 against Niko T’s and Niko T spit on Miguel’s best friend’s arm; Niko R. (see now it makes sense) and Niko T. also started kicking Miguel. Miguel wasn’t having this so he obliterated Niko T with 2 stomach jabs and a punch to the face. Miguel won the fight and all he had was a muddy back since Niko t pushed him into the mud. In the end, Miguel got in trouble because Niko T made his own version of the story and we all hate him now.


womp womp to niko T (goofy ahh name)

fr who names their kid Niko :sob:

this is similar to something that happened in my school, and a guy named Miguel was involved, but was mostly a bystander



u guys should snitch on niko’s story bruh

:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

justice for miguel the school is corrupt


Nicholaus prob

i have a plan which is to make Miguel friends bully him then Miguel tells a whole different story that niko the one bullying Miguel’s friends then every kid stands up for Miguel and make Niko in trouble


another plan beat the shi out of Miguel and accuse niko that he did then everyone will vote for Miguel and niko will have suspension or maybe expell if that’s what it is in your safety of school

no lies
thats best
idea: buy/bribe the school

stab niko ez fix

monke, go in there and do school shooting

punctuation and grammar on this is on another level


Rip miguel

Just keep beating up Niko till he changes his story or smthn. If violence didn’t solve the problem you aren’t using enough of it seems like a solution tho.

This is a joke

Corrupt judicial branch