frumpy's anniversary...

for once we can agree

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:sob: :sob:

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number1 and @NMV_PenguinLord561,

i was just starting to know him, and i think that even though we werent too close he was still honorable and a very kind person in general.

just because i didnt know frumpy that well doesnt mean i cant miss them and value them for who they are and their contributions.


i sorry but i gotta ask

who the actual frog is frumpy that is having me get a jet billion notifications

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I met frumpy in SB (he betrayed me with warrior cornering)

I later joined his clan after I had got to know him and helped him grow, and I felt like we were friends.

And then he blew up and mostly forgot about me/ignored me in favor of others.

I’m not salty, though, he was a kind person… sometimes. He could also be toxic.

But his contributions are undeniable.

I would say that he was toxic but not necessarily a lot after he tried to reform himself although it did sometimes leak through despite that

He confused me a lot
(To be fair we confused each other)
As of rn I feel like
He was here
Left a mark on the community (mostly positive)
In terms of other people who’ve left (like frager) I wasn’t as surprised or sad but there was still a lot of sadness there.

then u did not know him at all…


toxic frumpy was the best!! this is not a fetish- source: trust me

we sadly stopped trusting and doing these sources in 2024 due to last time. :sob:

wait… what? When was this??? I totally have no fetishes whatsoever you should trust me completely on how this is more of a thing where even when frumpy was toxic seems great now.