Future should make me a dev fr fr

  • Yes monke should be a dev fr fr
  • Naw monke shouldnt be dev
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poll closes at 3:50 tomorrow

dev for what?


:skull: cant u just fork the repl and then edit it urself and submit a PR or smth

forking repl doesnt lead to source code XD

??? yes it gives u an editable copy.

Also im assuming there is a GH repo he can fork

ok fork realmz.io you will not get the source code

wat do yall got aainst me i just wanna be a dev :sob:

Stay as a monke

But i wan be a dev in realmz :((

lol monkeys profile pic got W rizz

u dont even know how to code :skull:

bro. u can sick to making mods.
btw, if u dm futurepear, then he can give you the old source code.