Game Hacking

Who’s gonna tell him

aye aye do you recommend rooting my school tablet? I mean, it is my tablet, bought it with my own money, but I use it for school work. I’ve already flashed a custom ROM onto my phone, just contemplating on whether I should try to root my tablet.

EDIT: I’m contemplating this because I recently checked my tablet and was annoyed by all the unnecessary background processes running, despite having NO internet (nobody needs Google Play services taking up 200mb of RAM when I’m on an EBOOK APPLICATION!) I tried to limit them as much as I could, but came to the conclusion that the only true way to optimise my tablet is to root it and directly uninstall all this garbage bloatware + be able to better hide all my things (almost got suspended for a week 2 days ago cuz head supervisor saw some… things.)


Yeah your spelling is just great

its just good