Hello, i am going to keep this short and simple! I am currently trying to put together a team for my website Gamehive! I need someone like @ManagePasswords to implement games. You DO need to have experience in coding. Here is an example on how we would add games to our website!

        "title": "",
        "image": "images/games/",
        "description": " is an online sword fighting io game! Fight with friends and enemies in this multiplayer battle arena! Collect coins to be huge, rule the land",
        "playLink": "",
        "category": "Fighting"

Then next game! If your not that experienced, don’t worry. I will be making another post about something that you could possibly help with!

A max of 2 PEOPLE can help!

Just comment down below what you have coded before, and your coding experiences! I will reply on your post if i like it enough.

How often would I need to help out and when would you start needing me, it will be much easier for me after September

I work on

I have done far more than this, I am likely over qualified. I have been programming and developing games for the past five years.

If you want we can wait until September. But you never included past work.

Dm me. i will get back as soon as possible