Gamertag/Username in forum profile?

Basically, I think that since this is now a general io games forum, the “ username” on people’s profiles is outdated and should be replaced, considering it is no longer solely

Instead, a change I recommend is changing this to either “Gamertag” or something of the like.

Anyways, that’s it. If you can think of a better thing to change it to, do feel free to reply.


Oh right, this category exists. Also, I agree :+1:


i think is cooool and u know what else i think should add u know how on discord ur can connect ur yt, tiktok and etc can u do it here to i think it will be cool

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Oh yeah, thanks for pointing this out! One of the few things that didn’t get migrated. Should be fixed in a few minutes.


I think it should be changed to a io games username.



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Good idea frump

I think you could modify one of my theme components a bit and have it link to all the different game profiles. I’ll fiddle with this idea a bit later and see how well that would work.

Got bored and fiddled with it now, lol.
This is the component
You’d set up the settings like so for it:

//custom profile link user field ids
//etc. Can't have duplicate keys, so my TC just parses the underscores out.

//custom profile link labels
Swordbattle Profile
Realmz Profile
Some other Profile

//custom profile link prefixes

Only issue with this would be users who’ve had their name sniped on one or another (or they have a fairly common one), but if that’s overly common, you can just add more custom profile fields, and change the IDs in the first part.


Sure, will try it out tmrw


Multiple profile fields can be more useful since Discourse allows you to have multiple profile fields at once.

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