gautam got HACKED?!

so i was on sb when i saw gautam’s account on, so i went up to him to say hello…but then i realized something.

that didn’t seem like gautam. whoever they were didn’t recognize me and tried to kos, even though ik that gautam knows my account username…

later today…i found more proof. when i went on, i saw that gautam’s account was online…i couldn’t find gautam so i asked coolguy…

and coolguy told me that whoever on that account…was not gautam. because gautam wouldn’t be calling people the f slur -

@gautam change your pass you cant have ur reputation be ruined by some fricked-up person thinking it’d be funny to abuse unknown access to the literal owners account.

Was the name red?! DEVS are red, registered accounts are Blue, everyone else + bots are white … If not red, othererwsie just an alt account

yes because its gautams account

@jabberwocky, the name was red, so it is gautam’s account but what i mean is that someone is using gautams account

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Maybe gautam shared his password with somebody, I don’t know. Maybe this issue is being fixed right now. It really should be, though.

somebody who would call others the f slur? i dont think so.

it really should be, agreed.

I hacked him

great! could you just tell me his password, IP, and all of his credentials?


hold up that looks like its true look at their gamertag

why did you do that- and call people the f slur, too?? what is up with that??

You can put anything for your gamertag.

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Yo, thanks!

Wait a minute…

true but did u see what they just posted…they deleted it too!

the nerve

Staff did

but are you really sketch or were you just saying that

good job shadow/any other mds who did this

Thanks for telling me how to fix the bug @ip its fixed now


its neverwincsgo guys



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